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A suspicious-minded sort at breakfast wondered if there was more than coincidence behind these two stories running the same day: “N.C. voters want stronger actions from lawmakers on coal” (Weekly Independent) and “Duke deal could lower power bills in eastern NC towns” (WRAL-TV).
No doubt the ElectriCities deal has been in the works for a long time, long before the coal ash spill and the subsequent political spillover.
But the Suspicious Mind asked: “With Duke under fire from every politician you see and with the U.S. Attorney issuing subpoenas in every direction, don’t you suppose Duke needs all the friends and allies can get right now?”


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2 comments on “A Friend in Need…

  1. Anonymous says:

    If N.C. really wanted lower power bills for it’s citizens and not just legislative control over our lives, they would make North Carolina a free market state for electricty. But that takes control away from the legislature and puts it into the free market. Can’t have that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    North Carolina residents pay some of the lowest electricity bills in the nation. Coal? C’mon, Gary….you know Duke is getting out of that business but it takes a lot of time and a TON of money to do it. Give them at least a LITTLE credit for doing that.

    That coal ash spill isn’t going to be the dagger-in-the-heart you think it is against McCrory & Co. and by association the republicans in our state. Try as you will…most folks have forgotten about that. It’s being dealt with and so it’s just past history. Bringing it up now is just too obvious, Gary.

    McCrory isn’t going to see a lot of fall out from the Duke Power coal ash debacle…so get over it, amigo. Sheeeeesh.

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