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The N&O front page today showed how Republicans are frittering away their once-in-a-blue-moon political advantage.
The more they talk about Obama’s birth certificate and the threat of Shariah law in America, the less they can take advantage of his real vulnerability, which was captured in an inside-page story: Americans are losing confidence in his handling of the economy.
For Obama, the more he can talk about how Republicans aren’t paying attention to the economy, the better he looks.
Obama’s greatest skill as a presidential candidate in 2008 was his ability to use his opponents as a foil. Ask Hillary Clinton, John McCain and – if she were lucid – Sarah Palin.
The Republicans are making it easy for him to do it again.
Ditto in North Carolina. The more time Republicans spend defending us against Muslim law, making it harder to vote and making it easier to take guns anywhere, the less time they are seen spending on people’s real economic anxieties.


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One comment on “Birthers and Shariah Law

  1. Carbine says:

    Wow, you’re RIGHT Gary! There’s only 550+ days till the election, and if the Republicans don’t spend every one of them talking exclusively about Obama’s failure to handle the economy, how will anyone know that the economy still sucks?

    Actually, there are an awful lot of folks (a majority, according to the last election) who want the state government to fix our ridiculous election proceedures and remove the ridiculous barriers erected by Democrats to law abidding citizens’ right to self-defense. This may be hard for a Democrat, especially one who makes his living in electoral politics, to understand, but most people think the role of the majority is to do what they were elected to do and not just talk about the other party all day. You guys had 100 years to figure that out. You’re on the sidelines now because failed to do so.

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