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Republicans have been riding high since the 2010 elections but, now, there’s a bushel basket full of polls – by both Democrats and Republicans – floating around Raleigh that tell a sad tale.
At their zenith, last fall, Governor McCrory was the most popular political leader in the state. Better still for Republicans, the Governor was unusually popular with Independents – the voters who decide elections.
Now, in the blink of an eye, the good times are gone.
Suddenly, the Governor’s job approval numbers have turned upside-down which, translated into plain English, means more people think the Governor is doing a poor job rather than a good job.
Compounding the problem the Governor’s friends, despite their good intentions, aren’t doing him any favors. Last Sunday, one McCrory supporter wrote the newspaper defending the pay raises and government salaries the Governor’s paying two of his former campaign workers and actually compared the young men to Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson – which was just plain silly.
Republicans have been on top of the world. They won in 2010 and won again in 2012. But now there’s been a sea change. The halcyon days are gone, the tides are shifting, and an ill-wind is rising.


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5 comments on “A Sea Change

  1. Choo says:

    After an estimated 20 million dollars of free media for the Democrats all negative toward McCrory and the Republicans, it is no wonder their polls are down. Yes the independent voters have turned. They follow the media more than those who actually have beliefs. An outsider who didn’t actually live in North Carolina would think McCrory had a room in his basement where he tortured women and small children. The people no longer control government or who will hold office. This control is now completely in the hands of print and electronic media. As most voters become low information, headlines become more important than they once were. Sad days do lie ahead for Republicans, as well as economic woes. The low information voter knows nothing about economics. Keynsian economics are as foreign to Americans as is Cricket rules. We now are officially a non capitalist country and the states will be the last to fall. N.C. will soon lead the pack. I guess this gives credit to those who said that education is the key to the economy.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    How many Americans comprehend how the top 1% of wealth is buying up America.
    Art Pope millions buying North Carolina education system And voting machines????
    Yes! Voting machines? How could it happen? I voted a straight D ticket but on my review all came up R.
    How Else did R take total control of North Carolina for the first time since 1896,

  3. Reaganite says:

    What you are describing, Carter, is the result of ”Blueprint”. The plan leaked, and Republicans still failed to get prepared for it and fight back. The rotund reverent led the leftie shock troops in his Moron. . . err, ”Moral” Mondays, and the shrill partisan and dishonest liberal media picked it up and started beating Republicans with it.

    The gross distortions by outlets such as the McClatchey newspapers and WRAL are downright Orwellian. An education budget that spends more on public school K-12 than any in the state’s history is attacked as ”cutting” education? What absolute nonsense, yet our uber partisan media keeps beating the drum with that outright lie. A bill that in its final form merely establishes higher standards for womens health at abortion clinics is attacked by the exreme left and their media mouthpieces as restricting abortion? More partisan media crap. A bill for elections integrity that takes a position supported by over 70% of North Carolinians and already used by most democracies in the world, photo Voter ID is wrongfully attacked as ”voter suppression”.

    The media should be ashamed of themselves. They are not reporting news. They are carrying on dishonest political propaganda, just as Pravda did in the days of Breshnev and Josef Goebbels did under Hitler.

    Republicans need to forcefully call out the biased partisan media for its Orwellian lies, not sit back and take it. The media has chosen political sides and declared all out war against conservative principles, good government, and Republicans in general. It is high time we fought back.

    The media in North Carolina has always been politically biased, but I have never seen it get so shrill and dishonest.

  4. jack-of-all-thumbs says:

    Though I largely fall on the other side of the political line from Mr. Wrenn, I give him credit for this experienced observation, free of spin. Note that he’s not blaming the media or ‘low information’ voters. He simply compares NC’s GOP leaders of today to those he has watched season after season, and concludes that they have over-reached their ‘mandate’ and undersold their policies, much to the frustration of the electorate.
    Personally, I appreciate this particular wind of change.

  5. Choo says:

    It’s a good thing that the Democrats never “Over-reached”, in the over 100 years they controlled our state. I heard McCrory was going to pass legislation to keep Christmas on December 25th. I know this is an “Over-reach” but he will make up for it by holding a vote to see if we can still say the name Santa Clause. Odds are good he will lose that one.

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