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Governor McCrory should have hung around to hear Colin Powell. He would have seen a real leader. He might have learned something.
Presumably, McCrory had “boring stuff” to do that was more pressing than hearing Powell address the CEO Forum. He introduced Powell, then fled.
But the 400-plus suits in the audience saw the contrast.
Powell made clear that real leaders aren’t afraid of voters: “I want to see policies that encourage every American to vote, not make it more difficult to vote.”
McCrory’s response was extraordinary in its lameness: “The Governor appreciates the warm compliments Secretary Powell made today regarding many of the Governor’s initiatives and on voter ID we respectfully disagree.”
But now Phyllis Schlafly has admitted the voter-suppression law isn’t about fraud. It’s about taking the right to vote away from Obama voters and Democrats. She wrote, “The reduction in the number of days allowed for early voting is particularly important because early voting plays a major role in Obama’s ground game.”
One also wonders whether Powell, as Secretary of State or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spent 80 percent of his time on “boring stuff – operations.”
McCrory told the CEOs that’s what he does: “It’s boring stuff – operations – but that’s what I spend 80 percent of my time on.” Bet that impressed the crowd.
Maybe McCrory should spend 80 percent of his time lobbying the legislature not to overturn his vetoes and make him look weak.
One also wonders what Powell thinks about giving 24-year-old campaign aides with scant experience state jobs making $87,000 a year – and no raises to school teachers.
Note to readers: I’ve challenged myself to see how many times I can mention that McCrory gave 24-year-old campaign aides with scant experience state jobs making $87,000 a year – and no raises to school teachers. That’s twice today, three times this week.
Call me butter. I’m on a roll.


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2 comments on “A Real Leader

  1. Choo says:

    You got it Gary, vote early and vote often.

  2. Reaganite says:

    A real ”leader”? Don’t you mean a real LOSER? Of course, since Colon Powell was an Obama cheerleader and endorser, you think anything he does is great.

    As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Colon Powell was the idiot who insisted on Bush prematurely pulling the plug on the first Gulf War, which is the main reason we ended up having to fight a second Gulf War. All of the cost of the second Iraq war and occupation comes down to the stupidity and incompetence of Colon Powell’s recommendation to prematurely quit fighting the first time around. Also Sadam snookered Powell on the agreement to let him continue flying helicopters, which is how he put down the revolts against him. Colon Powell is probably the worst head of the Joint Chiefs we have ever had.

    Until Hillary Clinton arrived in the office, Colon Powell was also the most useless Secretary of State we have had in recent memory. Oh, I guess he got a few bennies personally out of the job, like the inappropriate relationship with that female Romanian politician that has recently been revealed in the mainstream British papers (but hushed up by Big Media in the US – wonder why?)

    McCrory was right not to hang around for the Obama-pushing drivel one would expect from Obama hack Colon Powell.

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