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Years behind schedule, millions of dollars over budget, and riddled with 3,200  computer programming errors NC Tracks – the state’s new $486 million computer system for processing Medicaid checks – landed in the newspaper again.
The News & Observer reported the Department of Health and Human Services still has no plan to right the ship and clean up all the errors in the coming year.
And what did the head of IT at DHHS have to say?
He calmly congratulated his staff on NC Tracks’ ‘successful launch’ and announced their work is done.
It’s like Alice in Wonderland: Up is down, down is up, and the IT shop has disappeared down the rabbit hole – and it’s all a great success.


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One comment on “A Great Success

  1. Reaganite says:

    The sad thing is that while this expensive white elephant that is poorly built was contracted for and designed by past Democrat administrations, with many delays and cost overruns, it finally got delivered early in a Republican administration, so they are the ones who have to make excuses for it.

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