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Broken politics and posturing politicians present one degree of mendacity when it comes to passing a budget – but the moment a war appears on the horizon that same devilment turns lethal.
A few days ago the President declared that, as leader of the oldest constitutional democracy on earth, he needs the support of Congress to go to war with Syria. Then, two days later, his Secretary of State, with inerrant political versatility charged pell-mell in the opposite direction – declaring the President may attack Syria even if Congress tells him, No.
The Secretary of State also said, yes, there is a civil war in Syria but then added (with a somber, straight face) that bombing one side doesn’t involve us in the civil war.
In the last twelve years the world’s greatest democracy has attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, bombed Libya, and supported a revolution that deposed the government of Egypt – but now, up in Washington, politicians are stamping their feet, insisting we have to bomb Syria because if we don’t our enemies the Iranians will get the idea we’re weak-kneed.
But there’s another fact the clamoring politicians don’t mention: If we bomb Syria then we’ve started a war with Syria and they have every right to attack back.
Not one overheated Washington politician has offered a word about where that may lead.


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2 comments on “Not One Overheated Washington Politician…

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Ed Meese said Reagan regretted it.
    He gave Amnesty to 3,000,000 illegal immigrants
    The Quota in 1990 WAS 5000,000.
    Yet! 1,500,000 were allowed to enter the United States.
    Those who got Amnesty soon became citizens after which they were entitled to bring in their immediate family thus the 1,500,000.
    Today, we have 11,000,000 illegal immigrants.
    What happens if we give them Amnesty?
    In five years will we allow 5,500,00 more to enter as immediate family members?
    President Bush, Sr. increased the quota to 700,000.
    Where are the jobs for them?

  2. Choo says:

    Of this I agree with most. If we bomb Syria, and 4 months later terrorist from Syria blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, it is a response from the attack on their country. I think it is this and more less dangerous from a life and death stand point, that concerns Obama. He can’t be found to be wrong, close to wrong, slightly wrong, or even almost but not completely perfect. All considerations of what to do are 100% based on how can we cover the president’s butt. Mixed into this cluster fu__, we have congressmen and Senators trying to stake out a position that will allow them to go on the Sunday shows and say how they were correct when they posted their positions pre strike of Syria. This only bolsters my position that we no longer are a Representative Republic, but are now a Mediaocracy, controlled by the electronic and print media.

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