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Even Republicans are puzzled about why Governor McCrory vetoed the two bills he did.
Why pick a fight you’re going to lose? Unless there’s a big upside, and there’s not here.
Both of the bills he vetoed had passed the House, his only real ally on Jones Street, with veto-proof majorities and bipartisan support. Overcoming that was a herculean task.
Some House Republicans told him they got why he wanted to distance himself from a controversial legislature. They knew he wanted to show some independence.
So why not, they suggested, veto the judicial-discipline bill? It passed with only 68 votes in the House, not enough to overturn the veto. It was criticized by prominent judges and lawyers. The veto would have had strong editorial support. And he would have been on the side of more transparency in government, not less.
Most of all, McCrory would have won. He wouldn’t look weak.
Go figure.


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One comment on “Overridden

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Obama is being attack violently for a no win involvement
    How many involvements preceded this one?
    Reagan=Nicaragua-El Salvador-Honduras-Lebanon-Grenada
    Bush I = Gulf War—Kosovo–Somalia
    Bush II–Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan

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