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The downside of drawing safe districts is that you get unsafe candidates. Like Republican House candidate Debra Conrad, who told a group in Winston-Salem: “Unfortunately, the more money you raise and give to the speaker, the better committee assignment you get.”
Her comments were reported in YES! Weekly by Jordan Green. They came Tuesday at a luncheon hosted by the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.
Green reported: “Conrad’s remark prompted a titter of discomfort at the table. One person suggested: ‘Off the record?’ Another person seated at the table uttered the phrase ‘pay to play’ — a common characterization of how business was once transacted in the NC House under the leadership of now disgraced Democratic Speaker Jim Black.”
Her audience seemed to have more political savvy than she did about what to say – and not say – publicly.
Speaker Tillis’ office quickly denied that what she said was true. But this is the danger of redistricting: You elect candidates who embarrass you and your party.
The coming bumper next crop of new legislators may give investigative reporters a lot to work with.


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2 comments on “Loose Lips

  1. clarence swinney says:

    Bush II–19
    Bush I–27

  2. dap916 says:

    So, what we’re supposed to believe is that during the decades and decades and decades that the democrats held the legislature…during all those times that “redistricting” took place, there wasn’t any political wheeling and dealing? Yeah..right. Give us a break, Gary.

    And, we’re also supposed to believe that giving money…donation stuff etc….to the speaker and his party during all those years that the dems controlled the legislature, didn’t mean getting a sweet committee assignment? We’re a pretty savvy bunch here, Gary. That might go over on some other venue…but here? Nah.

    It’s not right whichever party does it. So, I guess it’s up to the republicans to change around that kind of activity? After decades of it not being changed around by democrats? Sure. Right. Youbetcha.

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