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President Obama and the Democrats are doing a better job ramming health-care reform through the Senate than explaining it.
They should try this message: 31 million.
That’s the number of uninsured Americans who will get health insurance over the next decade because of the bill. That’s not Democratic rhetoric. That’s from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
The cost? Well, the CBO says the bill will CUT the deficit.
Only a Republican could fuss, fume and fulminate because 31 million fellow Americans will get better health care.
Instead of worrying that society is losing the true meaning of Christmas, Republicans should practice what Jesus preached.


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One comment on “31 Million Reasons

  1. -1 says:

    Cutting the deficit is a big, fat fib. Under the CBO’s figuring, the total deficit paid over the next 10 years drops. But, if you compare the deficit in that 10th year to the deficit today, there’s a huge increase.

    The reason is that the bill increases taxes for 4 years before any of the spending kicks in.

    Another fib is a 25% savings in medicare doctor reimbursements — nobody expects that to actually last. It’s just that the Senate is putting off telling people about the higher costs to another day.

    This sort of trickery is why nobody trusts the Congress. No wonder.

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