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It turns out the eminence grise behind the $30 million no-bid contract to Prodigy Corporation (whose owners – Ramzi Abuldhai and Rich Admanj – were found guilty of patent stealing, went bankrupt and then were accused of transferring millions out of the bankrupt company to hide their assets from creditors) is Secretary Lanier Cansler’s aide Craigan L. Gray.
It also turns out Gray, who’s both a doctor and a lawyer, gets downright testy whenever anyone questions his judgment. For instance, when one of Prodigy’s competitors complained about Gray not letting them bid on the contract Gray barked, “Isn’t it interesting that Roche [the competitor] was very willing to bill ‘full’ price to Medicaid and had no complaint until an enterprising competitor underpriced them.”
And, a month later, when asked if he’d bothered to check out Prodigy’s background before he gave them the contract Gray growled he’d looked at one of their contracts with another state then snapped, “I did not find a ‘moral turpitude’ clause in the contract; however, if such a clause were evenly applied across state government it may have interesting results.”
This fellow needs an attitude adjustment.
They’re fair questions and deserve a better answer than a sarcastic brush-off from doctor, lawyer Gray.
Gray made a mistake and ought to admit it instead of biting people’s heads off – which leaves the ball squarely in the Governor’s court.
Governor Perdue, your Medicaid Director won’t revoke the Prodigy contract and put it out for open bids:  Will you?


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