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This message is for Pat McCrory AND for Democrats who want the Electoral College to dump Trump: It’s over. You lost. Move on.

Prolonging these fights is doomed, divisive, delusional, self-defeating and just plain dumb.

Doesn’t McCrory know this? He should break free of the lawyers, consultants and spokesmen who want to keep fighting so they can keep getting paid. He should finally show the grace that has been so lacking in his governorship.

His campaign complains about “dead people and felons.” But those dead people and felons apparently also voted for Donald Trump and Richard Burr.

No doubt McCrory was gobsmacked Election Night when he suddenly went from winning to losing. Especially when Trump and most all other Republicans were winning. But he should have known Durham County hadn’t reported yet – and that it would be bad for him.

Now, the more the votes are counted, the farther behind he falls.

Earth to Pat: You lost. Give it up.

The same applies to die-hard Democrats who are pressuring electors to reverse the presidential result. Yes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. And, yes, that’s the result of a compromise that was forged some 230 years ago to protect us from too much democracy. (The same thinking had legislators electing U.S. Senators into the 20th Century.)

Earth to the die-hards: You lost. Give it up.

At least, give it up this year. Because there’s an ingenious plan out there that would reform the Electoral College to reflect the nationwide popular vote for President. Check it out at National Popular Vote.

We’ll talk more about it in another blog.



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