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Give Governor Perdue credit: She’s not a quitter.
She has been a blur of activity since the legislature left. Launching a government-efficiency study. Riding a bus the first day of school. Asking for money-saving ideas. Sending out YouTube videos.
Clearly, she has the energy to fight her way back. All she needs now is a sound strategy – and a clear focus.
People close to her say she has two big goals. One is to keep making the improvements in education that Governor Hunt started and Governor Easley, though less energetically, continued. The other goal is to make government more efficient and open.
Her mantra should be Doing More With Less. Keeping North Carolina Moving. Moving despite the Republican legacy of deficits, joblessness and recession.
Keep at it, Bev. You can do it.



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9 comments on “Yes Bev Can

  1. dap916 says:

    I love it that you are showing republicans as the party that gave our state deficits (which are illegal under the state constitution), joblessness (which is higher today than ever before) and recession (which we experienced at the end of the Clinton era and now has gotten far worse in out state since the Obamaman/Bev took over).

    Nice try, Gary.

  2. Huh? says:

    He’s talking about federal deficits and a recession begun in the Bush administration. Remember the Republicans blamed Clinton for the recession during W’s first year. So turnabout is fair play, politically speaking.

  3. dap916 says:

    The recession was very real when “W” went into office, in case you didn’t notice Huh? And, the NC lack of funds and deficits is mostly due to the lack of performance by the Obama administration.

    Color it any you want. Most people know what’s up.

    But, I give ya credit for defending Gary and the demos. It’s what you do.

  4. -1 says:

    Does Gary ever make a post without praising the Almighty Jim Hunt?

  5. -1 says:

    Gary, why do you not tell us about Bev’s pork barrel projects.
    Any idiot can raise taxes and waste money.
    That all the liberals have done for NC is piss away money and raise taxes.

  6. Foster Sampson Wilder says:

    You can’t blame the republicans for much of anything in state politics except grandstanding and probably some pork barrel projects. The democrats have had control. The republican voucher crap for public education is a joke but no more than the amount of waste and failed programs. Although Hunt had some good ideas with concern to education he was not a God. With the dropout rates at all time highs it is hard to quantify how the head start program was a success. However, there are other programs that have helped many that were created. The problem is we don’t ever seem just continue successful programs and cut the bad ones. Instead we just keep adding new ones and then cut back resources for the good programs.

  7. -1 says:

    Well, with the Hunt machine behind she’ll, like T Kennedy survive and perhaps flourish.

    That’s if the Highway Patrol problems don’t eventually drive her mad.

    Do we all recall when Ms Perdue had her own problems with the HP for leaving the scene of an accident with damages valued at more that $500? WRAL did a video asking her if she’d been drinking at a party just before and she replied ‘Maybe a glass of wine.’ Well, then Senator Perdue, was rescued by her boyfriend, a married state Highway Patrolman, who made the incident sort of go away. He was rewarded not long thereafter with a major promotion.

    Question is now, was the new Crime Control Sec his super?

  8. -1 says:

    Governor Bev – make that Governor-lite Bev. Her next gig’s Saturday Night Live; clearly she’s a “not-ready-for-prime-time” player. And how about that statement of hers that went “I’m the most transparent governor in America?” Betcha she’d like to have THAT one back. Hey Gov – you are transparent ONLY because you have no substance. She’s her own “anti-gravitas” machine.

  9. -1 says:

    Now all she needs now is sound strategy and clear focus? Shouldn’t she have had that when she entered the office? That sounds like something you come up with BEFORE you run for office to me!

    AS far as her drinking and getting into an accident and walking away… hmmm making it go away. Though everyone is saying what a good man Kennedy was… doesn’t anyone remember him being drunk as a skunk, running his car into the river and killing the girl? He should have been in jail instead of runing this country and everyone thinks he’s a hero? He is one that TRUELY got away with murder.

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