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Rep. Bill Faison said out loud what Raleigh is whispering when he told WRAL’s Laura Leslie: “I certainly am aware that Perdue has her own problems, including the possibility of imminent indictments against some of her very close associates.”
The rumor mill is churning: Will the Governor decide not to run in 2012? Then who? Cowell, Dalton, Martin, Cunningham, Faison, whose Facebook one-cent campaign makes him look like a man stalking the race?
Inevitably, somebody asked me about Governor Hunt. No chance, I said; I’ve already done the book.
It’s just one more piece of the angst that Democrats are suffering as they ponder 2012.
A new face could prove attractive to some Democrats. But Perdue has pulled herself up this year by taking on the legislature. And she has a tough, talented campaign team.
Of course, this could also draw an opponent to Pat McCrory in the Republican race. The more winnable it looks for the GOP, the greater the attraction to ambitious politicians.
Politics is nothing if not ruthless.


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