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We’re $14 going on $16 trillion in debt, the economy’s in the tank and the only way out is to cut government spending – so it didn’t seem unreasonable to save $2.8 million by closing the 134 year old Post Office downtown (when there’s a newer Post Office a few blocks away).
But not everyone agrees.
According to the News and Observer federal Judge Rich Leonard’s miffed he didn’t get notice of a public meeting about the closing; another opponent of the closing told the newspaper it’s just too darn hard for walk-up customers to go to the other Post Office.
Meantime, a few blocks away, the City is proceeding full steam ahead with a plan to cover the entire roof of the downtown Convention Center with solar panels;―leaving aside the wonders of solar power, is now the time to be increasing spending – couldn’t this government program have waited until times get better?
It’s a snapshot of America today: No sacrifice is too small to say no to.


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2 comments on “No Sacrifice is too Small

  1. persondem says:

    “We’re $14 going on $16 trillion in debt, the economy’s in the tank and the only way out is to cut government spending.”
    Nice little throw away line there which your readers are supposed to accept almost subliminally but which is totally false. Repealing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts would most certainly help the government debt situation. And don’t give me that old line that it would hurt job growth. If tax cuts really spurred job creation the economy would be chugging along. The personal and corporate tax burden is the lowest it’s been in 50+ years. Besides the last really good period of economic prosperity we had was in the 90’s BEFORE the tax cuts took place.
    By the way, most of those trillions were added to our debt under republican administrations. Just thought I’d add a nice little throw away line of my own.

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