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Pat McCrory’s ad has the same message as Barack Obama: It’s time for a change. Therein may lie Bev Perdue’s challenge.

Public Policy Polling found that she is weak with Democrats around Charlotte. Question: Do they know she’s the Democrat and McCrory’s the Republican?

Like Obama, McCrory is calling for change. Like Obama, McCrory is running against the status quo/more of the same in the capital. Like Obama, McCrory looks like a smart, young, fresh outsider.

One Republican told me there are three parties in Charlotte: Democrats, Republicans and Chamber of Commerce. And that McCrory belongs to the Chamber party.

Obama’s surge in the polls – which started with Wall Street’s meltdown – is lifting Perdue. Now she needs to reach these wayward Democrats. But will stem-cell research and school vouchers do it?

Her performance improved in the education debate. But she lacks a strong positive message about the future. Her ads tell us what she did. She needs to tell us more about what she’ll do.

And that she’s the Democrat.

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