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I miss Bill Clinton. Not the bad Bill, who can’t bring himself to say a good word about Obama or a bad word about McCain-Palin. But the good Bill. The only person in politics who can talk both intelligently and empathetically about The Problem and The People.

That’s what this Great Financial Crisis – Depression II? – demands. But it’s sadly lacking at the top of American politics today.

Everybody I talk to is worried. Or scared. Nobody seems to know what to do – or even know who knows.

It’s bad when I find myself liking what right-wing Republicans said about the original bailout plan. That’s how confused I am.

I looked for somebody reassuring in Friday’s debate.

McCain looked like Mister Wilson being forced to spend the evening with Dennis the Menace. He came off – in the debate and all last week – as too grumpy, impetuous and unpredictable to be President in troubled times.

Obama, the supposedly inexperienced newcomer who “just doesn’t understand,” came off as cool, unflappable and pragmatic.

But I wish Obama had Clinton’s facility for grasping the problem, explaining it in people terms, and coming up with a reasonable-sounding solution. I wish Obama could show us he feels our pain.

Clinton, of course, has gone on to bigger things: his “Global Initiative.” He now feels the entire planet’s pain.

Whatever Obama lacks, he clearly beat McCain in the debate. He looked more Presidential. The debate and the White House meeting eliminated any stature gap.

Speaking of the White House, is there anyone in the world that the public is convinced gets it less than George Bush? It’s easy to forget he is, as Jon Stewart calls him, Still the President.

Just as in 1932, the American people are counting the days until somebody else – anybody else – gets in. Whoever that is, he’ll Get It better than the guy in there now does.

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