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Who knows, this election may really be about change and not just political double talk about change from politicians reading polls.

Or, at least, whether the politicians beating the “change drum” are sincere or not – the voters are dead serious.

Which would explain some curious poll numbers we’re seeing right here in North Carolina.

We’ve got Obama, whom no one gave an ice cube’s chance of winning North Carolina six months ago running even with McCain.

We’ve got Kay Hagan, who was given less chance than Obama, running even with Liddy Dole.

And we’ve got Pat McCrory, after Republicans haven’t won a governor’s race since 1988, running an eyelash ahead of Bev Perdue.

A vote for Obama is change in Washington.

A vote for Hagan is change in Washington.

And a vote for McCrory – since Perdue represents the political establishment here at home – is a vote for change in Raleigh.

So what are McCain, Dole and Perdue – as paradigms of the establishment – to do?

There is one tried and true political strategy. It works like this: If voters don’t like you, you’ve got two choices: Change that. Or make your opponent an absolute villain voters loathe even more than you.

That’s about the only way to get reelected if voters want change and you’re standing in the way.

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