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Someone ought to say a kind word about Ron Paul – after all, he may be the last of an almost extinct species in American public life: An honest politician.
A politician who doesn’t spin at all.
Ask Newt about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and he’ll tell you they paid him for his advice ‘as an historian.’ Ask Mitt Romney about ‘venture capitalism’ and he’ll make it sound like roses in bloom. But not Paul. Ask him about Iran and he’ll give you a straight answer even when he knows it may sink him.
And what reward has Paul reaped for his candor: He’s been called crazy-as-a-loon and unelectable.
It’s a hard kind of politics: Honest = crazy = unelectable.
What’s wrong with this picture?



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7 comments on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?

  1. dap916 says:

    Yep, Ron Paul is an “honest” politician…at least, he appears to be that way.

    He is honest about believing that we can “talk” to our enemies to persuade them to not hate us and to not want to destroy us and our allies. Yep, he’s honest that we should go back to the “gold standard”…and if anyone thinks this will be a good thing or solve any of our current problems, they’ve got their heads screwed on backwards.

    But, yeah, Ron Paul is honest. And, yeah, the “others” running for the GOP presidential nomination sometimes have some questionable attributes including some dishonesty…no doubt. But, the things Paul is “honest” about are troublesome, to say the least. No one is against honesty. But, when we know what that honesty consists of with Paul, it’s not difficult to know that he’s not the right choice as the GOP presidential nominee.

  2. Carbine says:

    Ron Paul doesn’t lie or spin AT ALL, Carter? Are you familiar with his explaination of how his office could produce a racist newsletter for nearly twenty years, which went out with his name on it and generated several million dollars for him personally over that time? When confronted with examples from the newsletters (“[the LA riots}…only stopped when it was time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks…”) he claimed that not only did he not write them, he never even read them, was unaware of their racist content, and that he didn’t know who the author was.

    Now if you believe that, I’ve got a real hot beach-front property in Watagua County you might be interested in…

    Ron Paul is a kook. There is no other way to put it. He takes sound concepts and stretches them far beyond any practical applicability. You like smaller government? Paul’s plan would fit the U.S. government in a shoe box. Worried about foreign military entanglements? Paul would withdraw all U.S. troops (and planes, and ships) from everywhere, cut ties to all our allies, and abolish foreign aide.

    There is nothing courageous or admirable about a lunatic being frank with us about his delusions. It’s what lunatics do. It’s his shtick, and I imagine he’ll continue to do it and enjoy the ride as long as their are people gullible enough to enable him.

  3. GlenBradley says:

    Thank you Carter Wrenn.

  4. GlenBradley says:

    dap916 – In case you’ve forgotten, we defeated the Soviet Union through diplomacy, a much stronger threat than anything we face today. As a former US Marine Intelligence Analyst, I support Paul because he has the strongest foreign policy of any candidate running. For the same reason, Paul receives twice as much campaign donations from active duty service members than all the other Republican candidates combined.

    Also, Ron Paul’s plan does not return the dollar to the gold standard, instead he would work to authorize competing currencies. That consistes almost entirely of simply removing capital gains taxes on silver and gold and that’s it. Same thing Utah did that spurred a precipitous drop in their unemployment. And no, Utah did not outlaw the dollar lol.

    The truth is we’ve been lied to about Ron Paul because he is the only one who will restore the Constitutional order, and the corporatists power brokers and status quo influence traders and lobbyists and special interests know that they become irrelevant in an America that obeys the Constitution, so they are spreading lies like manure.

    What saddens me the most is that so many Americans are eating it up. 🙁

  5. GlenBradley says:

    Carbine, they recently tracked down the guy who wrote the newsletters and it was not Ron Paul, but James B. Powell. The President of the Austin NAACP Nelson Linder has spoken out to defend Ron Paul stating unequivocally that Paul is in no way, shape, or form a racist. When Paul said he did not writhe them, and that he disavowed their content, but that because he was on the title he took responsibility for them, that’s not spin, that’s integrity. Even when it hurts.

    Further, Paul does not seek a Federal Government that fits in a shoebox, he seeks a Federal Government that fits in the Constitution.

    Today, America is oscillating wildly left, right, left, right, we are becoming increasingly polarized and we are on the verge of flinging ourselves apart. This is happening precisely because the train has come off the tracks. The tracks are the Constitution, and Ron Paul is the only candidate who means to put America back on track.

    Having served in the Marines myself, I know that our military technology has reached a point where withdrawing ground troops and air forces to CONUS, AK HI, and our possessions and outlying territories will not significantly degrade our response time anywhere in the world. What it will do is reduce out material, equipment and personnel fatigue thus INCREASING our readiness and force projection capabilities.

    Paul will still patrol international waters and shipping lanes, and if we are threatened in any substantive way Paul will take a Constitutional Declaration of War from Congress, go in and destroy the enemy like no enemy has ever been destroyed before, and then come home and let them rebuild their own bridges so they are too busy to rebuild their army.

    Folks, we are being lied to about Paul because he is truly the only one who will drain the corruption from the swamp in DC, and the corrupt don’t like it. We are Americans, we are better than this to swallow lies. It’s time we stood up and excised the Washington DC corruption and restored the Constitutional order.

  6. Carbine says:

    He “took responsibility” for them did he? Well, he certainly “took the money” for them as well. Perhaps he should donate the couple of million dollars he made off of those newsletters over the years, now that he’s “disavowed” them.

    Look, Paul’s idea of what’s constitutional and what isn’t is wildly out of step with that of about 95% of the American people. He’s a nutcase, plain and simple. I don’t think that because I’ve been “lied to” by the press–the press treats the old fool far more generously than he deserves–I think as I do about Paul because of what I’ve heard him say for himself about his ideas.

    I retired from a career as an army officer. And if you serioulsy believe any of that clap-trap you’ve written about response times after withdrawing from all overseas bases, you’re as daft as he is.

  7. Carbine says:

    There is an AP story out today about how personally involved Ron Paul was in the production of his infamous newsletters. Turns out (according to current and former Paul employees who worked on the newsletters and had first-hand knowledge of his involvement) he directed the staff to write more racially provocative stuff in an effort to generate more sales. The effort worked, and he made millions off of it.

    Ron Paul may not be a racist, but this episode shows him as something just as bad if not worse–a man who will deliberately stoke and exploit other people’s racial fears and prejudices to enrich himself. He’s following the same pattern today–take extreme positions on a few issues that he knows he can get a few gulible people to get worked up about, and cash in. No wonder he won’t release his income tax records. If he did that, the jig would be up and the gravy train would come off the tracks.

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