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Don’t ever say campaign ads aren’t educational. We’ve learned a lot this year, for example, about what judges do.
Judging (so to speak) from their ads, judges spend a lot of time reading things out of big books and copying them down on paper. They apparently must do this by hand, which seems laborious and time-consuming and may explain why it takes the courts so long to do anything.
This work may sound easy, but try doing it while sitting down in your choir robe.
Also, judges apparently spend a lot of time conducting serious conversations with serious-looking people who pay close attention to what they say. That makes sense, as the judge can throw them in the pokey for looking at His or Her Honor wrong. Many of these conversations occur when the judge is sitting at a bench, and some happen as they walk along marble-lined corridors.
I personally had no idea before this campaign what judges really do. So look for these qualities before you cast your ballot in the judicial races.


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