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As the N&O editorial aptly noted, this American carnage won’t end now, especially with Trump and the Republican Party safely locked away by the NRA.

By now the pattern is familiar. First, shock and horror. Then frustration and anger over the predictable response by Republican politicians.

Thoughts and prayers are sent. Mental illness is blamed. And we’re told this is not the time to talk about gun control.

That’s like saying 9/11 was no time to talk about radical Islamic terrorism.

Maybe the GOP Congress will wait a bit now before loosening controls on silencers, the next gun item on their agenda.

Think how many people the Vegas shooter could have killed if his targets hadn’t heard the shots.

Bill O’Reilly said of the Vegas massacre, “”This is the price of freedom.”

No, this is the price of a gun culture and a Republican majority in Congress that won’t even talk about solving the problem.


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