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It didn’t make good sense but, at least, if you tried to look at it through the eyes of a Black Lives Matter protestor, it had a kind of logic behind it when protestors started tearing down Confederate statues.  But then, next, protestors went after statues of Columbus and Francis Scott Key – which wasn’t even logical.

I read a report by the PEW Research Institute the other day that said religion’s been declining in America for decades. We have fewer Protestants, fewer Catholics, more people who say they have no particular religion plus more agnostics and atheists. Our country’s changed, culturally, in the last twenty-five years.

Of course, no one knows whether the folks who defaced Francis Scott Key’s statue were religious or not – but, a century ago, G.K. Chesterton said, ‘When a man stops believing in God he  doesn’t then believe in nothing, he’ll then believe in everything’ and it sure looks like a fellow who figured defacing Francis Scott Key’s statue was serving a noble cause was, also, looking pretty hard for something to believe in.


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