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One year ago today, Democrats were down. John Kerry and John Edwards had lost. Erskine Bowles had lost. George Bush was riding high. Karl Rove was hailed as “the architect.”

That was a political lifetime ago.

Tuesday’s elections in Virginia, New Jersey and California have Democrats high-fiving. Democrats won governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey, and Arnold got waxed in his California referendums.

Actually, the trend started a month ago right here in Raleigh, when Democrats swept the (supposedly) nonpartisan mayor’s and city council races.

You could feel it coming. Republicans were dispirited. Democrats smelled blood, as Bush’s poll numbers sank in the triple quagmires of Iraq, Plamegate and Katrina (or “Heckuva job, Brownie”-gate).

And Democrats have been boasting all week that they’re looking forward to next year.

Not so fast. Rove was saying the same thing last November.


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