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Having (apparently) escaped indictment, Karl Rove reportedly has returned to full action in the White House. Among other chores, he is said to be recruiting Republican candidates for 2006.

Two speeches by U.S. Senators frame the dilemma that will dominate next year’s elections – for Rove and for Democrats.

First, John McCain spoke out about what he sees as looming disaster in Iraq. But his solution is different: more troops, not withdrawal.

Then John Kerry weighed in to demand – as have a handful of Republicans, including NC Congressman Walter Jones – a deadline for troop withdrawals.

No matter what Rove does and no matter what the newly energized Democrats do, the 2006 elections will ride on what’s happening in Iraq.

But – right now – the American people don’t trust either party when it comes to what to do in Iraq.

Bush, Cheney, Rumfeld, et al are discredited because they led us into a war on the promises we’d find WMDs and be greeted as liberators.

But Democrats don’t have any leader with the credibility to offer an alternative.

In effect, Americans know what’s wrong with both parties’ solutions. They believe it would be a mistake to just pull out. And they believe it’s a mistake to stay put. But they don’t know what’s right.

John McCain certainly has credibility. But are voters willing to swallow his medicine?


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One comment on “The War and 2006

  1. gpearce says:

    1 Comment »
    “Bush, Cheney, Rumfeld, et al are discredited because they led us into a war on the promises we’d find WMDs and be greeted as liberators.”

    OK, reality check time. EVERYONE (including, it turns out, some Iraqi generals) thought that Iraq possessed chemical weapons. Saddam had actually USED his chemical weapons against a rebellious village in northern Iraq in the nineties, and against Iran in the eighties. The United Nations, the intelligence services of ALL major nations, and the Clinton Administration were convinced these weapons existed at the time we went to war. As for predictions of being greeted as liberators, (Cheney’s claim, but NOT one of the reasons the administration cited for going to war in the first place), in much of Iraq that is exactly what HAS happened.

    The Iraqi army is growing more capable every day. A lot of Americans don’t understand yet (how could they, with the casualty-obsessed news coverage we get?), but we and our allies are WINNING this one. The only way we can lose now is for that bi-partisan coalition-of-the-weak-and-confused (Kerry, Jones, et al) to succeed in setting an artificial time table for withdrawl, or to otherwise interfere with our efforts.

    Comment by Jim Stegall — November 12, 2005 @ 11:34 am

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