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You couldn’t design a more perfect Democratic candidate for Wake County in 2014 than Sarah Crawford. Proven success in a professional career and in community service – check. Attended public schools and college here – check. Young mother with children in public schools – check. Energy, smarts, savvy and a fiendishly hard worker – check, check, check and check.
Crawford is as in tune with her district (Senate 18 – Franklin and eastern Wake) as incumbent Chad Barefoot is out. Barefoot’s anti-education, party-line voting record in an unpopular legislature is poison in a moderate swing district.
The NC Free Enterprise Foundation rates the race as one of the three most competitive Senate seats this year. Crawford will give Barefoot fits.
I admit to bias, but only because I’ve seen Crawford at work. We met a year ago, when we were thrown together in a fast-moving effort to launch the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation. Crawford,, who works in nonprofit development and public relations, was one of the main fundraisers, and she was a major reason the foundation raised more than $200,000 in just six months.
Sarah is one of the all-star candidates in Wake County who could ignite a Democratic comeback this year. The others are Gale Adcock (House 41), Kim Hanchette (House 49) and former Mayor Tom Bradshaw (Senate 15).
As John (Locke) Hood noted in his column a while back, “for Democrats, Wake County is probably their best potential investment of time and resources in 2014….Democrats have gotten their Wake-up call.”



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2 comments on “Wake Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, I don’t know, Gary. Chad Barefoot won in 2012 by a WIDE margin. It wasn’t even close in the 18th which is arguably a toss-up district. And, now he serves on many committees and is pretty much looked at as being a very solid member of the NC senate…having only been there for just a couple of years. Not sure you’re being totally accurate in your presentation here. I am glad you admitted to your bias because it sure did show in your diary.

    I’m sure Sarah Crawford is a really energetic, wonderful campaign worker with a big-time ability to get donations and stuff. That’s not actually what most folks are looking for in their selection to be a representative for them in the Raleigh legislature. I’m one hell of a stand up comedian in my circle, but that doesn’t mean I’d be a big hit in Nashville…get the point?

    The Wake/Franklin county district might be persuaded to to with Sarah Crawford if there was some scandal for Chad or if suddenly something tainted the republican brand in NC. Right now, unless the left in our state can work the coal ash spill to go against all republicans, I think yhour post is more about wishing and hoping than truth and reality.

    Good try though. Maybe one of those folks you mentioned in this diary of yours will pay ya some bucks to help them. It’s worth a try, think?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I trust John Locke’s judgement. Sounds like another resume. Wake County is full of transplants from a more progressive northeast. This should be a cake walk…

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