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Republicans in the state legislature cut Planned Parenthood’s state funding by $125,000 but, to give the devil its due, in the blink of an eye Planned Parenthood turned a cut into a three-fold blessing by persuading the Obama Administration to give it $426,000 – as one Republican legislator said, I guess we can thank our lucky stars we didn’t cut their budget more.


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One comment on “Unintended Consequences

  1. dap916 says:

    The federal government has its hand in FAR more “state’s issues” and how states decide for their own future than has ever happened in our history. It’s truly amazing. I guess, if Obama does win the presidency for the next four years, North Carolina will just be subject to whatever the federal government tells us we can and should do. We’ll no longer be an independent state. We’ll just be an arm of the federal government….and our people here will have no say-so on how we want to be governed.

    Lovely. God help us.

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