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Roy Cooper can go two ways against Governor McCrory in 2016: call him “wrong” or call him “weak.”

“Wrong” says McCrory hurt the economy, hurt the schools, hurt health care and hurt the environment. It blames him for taking the state in the wrong direction, including on social issues.

But Cooper might look negative and pessimistic. Nobody likes an angry Governor.

Which is why “weak” may work. “Weak” says the legislature has hurt North Carolina and McCrory is powerless to stop it: “The Governor, bless his heart, knows they’re wrong. He tried to stop them sometimes. But he just couldn’t. It’s time for a Governor who knows how to fight.”

“Fight,” you might remember, was the key word in Hillary Clinton’s announcement.

“Weak” incorporates “wrong,” in a kinder, gentler – and more lethal – way.

Cooper can smile all the way, and shake his head sadly. Like Reagan.



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