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The Democratic and Republican conventions offered two starkly different visions of America. Here’s how this old Democrat sees them.

Hillary Clinton’s is bright and optimistic. Donald Trump’s is dark and pessimistic.

Clinton says there’s hope. Trump says he’s the only hope.  

Clinton is about love and unity. Trump is about fear and loathing.  

Clinton says America is great and can be greater. Trump says only he can make it great.  

Clinton says the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Trump says be afraid, be very afraid.  

Clinton has an army of surrogates and validators: Bill, Chelsea, Obama and Biden. Trump has Ivanka, Chris Christie and Vladimir Putin.

Clinton was Secretary of State, and the world didn’t blow up. Trump, who knows?

We know most everything about Clinton. We have a lot to learn about Trump.

August will be about each candidate defining himself or herself – and their opponent. Clinton has the money and discipline to do that. Does Trump?



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