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Something has always seemed off psychologically about Trump. The ego, the grandiosity, the thin skin.

The missing link came into focus in Puerto Rico when he tossed the paper towels to hurricane victims: The man has no empathy for other human beings.

His coldness and his contempt show when he is forced to mix with people who don’t work for him or worship him. Like after the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Each time, Trump made the story about Him. He bragged about the crowds that came to see Him. He bragged about the great job He is doing. And he went ballistic when the mayor of a storm-wrecked city, a woman and a Puerto Rican no less, criticized Him.

Maybe he’s “a fucking moron,” as Rex Tillerson said. But he’s a genius at zeroing in on other people’s weaknesses. He’s an Einstein when it comes to bringing out the worst in people.

Moron or not, he’s a moral midget. He is blithely unconcerned about other people. He views their suffering at the worst time of their lives through his one lens: “What does this mean for ME? What are people saying about ME? What is best here for ME?”

The people who love him love his performance, the show he gives them, the fights he picks with people they hate.

One day they may find out how much he loves them. One day they may need help from their government. Maybe Trump will throw them a roll of paper towels.


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