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It’s not at all surprising that Trump couldn’t bring himself to condemn Nazis, Ku Kluxers and racists bent on terrorism. As with Putin, he’s reluctant to criticize those who got him elected.

He was harsher on Jeff Sessions and Mitch McConnell.

Trump failed the moral test of leadership. Will the rest of the Republican Party?

A few national Republicans spoke up. But what about in North Carolina? Did Senators Burr and Tillis stand up? Chairman Robin Hayes? How about Dallas Woodhouse, who denounced Democrats for “murdering blacks” over a century ago?

And none of this namby-pamby pabulum about “both sides” or “all sides.” There’s only one side here. You either condemn racist terrorists or you don’t.

State Sen. Mike Woodard challenged Republicans in a weekend tweet: “Given today’s actions in #Charlottesville, HB330 that allows NCians to drive through protesters without being sued should die in committee.”

What say you, Party of Lincoln?


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