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Angry because Jeff Sessions wouldn’t run the Justice Department’s investigation into the Russians meddling in our election, Trump erupted at the White House staff then flew to Mar-a-Lago for the weekend. The next morning, up before dawn, holding his Twitter machine he pressed send and struck out at Obama.

Some people figured Trump meant to set a clever trap: He’d accuse Obama, wait for Obama’s denial, then produce proof Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.

Others saw the early morning tweet as proof of a troubling Trump habit: He didn’t care whether his tweets were true or untrue. He didn’t think it mattered. If a tweet made him look good he pressed send.

Other people, remembering Trump’s promises to make their lives better, knew the tweet wasn’t true but decided they didn’t care.

Finally, a handful of people saw Trump’s tweet as a clever chess move: He’d set out to get the press to stop writing about the Russians – and he got what he wanted: Obama wiretapping Trump Towers filled the headlines.

But then the story took a quirky turn – Senator Lindsey Graham made a chess move of his own: He wrote the head of the FBI and Trump’s Justice Department and said: Send me copies of any warrant applications and court orders to wiretap Donald Trump or Trump Towers – so I can proceed to investigate.

Trump supporters, Trump haters, the fake media, Congressmen, Senators all held their breath: Would Trump escape Graham’s trap?

The story took another odd turn.

With Trump egging them on Republican Leaders in the House launched their bill to repeal Obamacare – and the earth shifted again: Democrats started hollering about Republicans cutting taxes on insurance companies and the 24-hour news cycle moved right past wiretapping.

But truth can be buried but not destroyed.

Amid the clamor a TV reporter stopped Lindsey Graham in the corridor outside his Senate office and asked: If Jim Comey and the Justice Department don’t answer your question, will you subpoena them? Graham gave a one-word answer: Yes.

So next week when Lindsey Graham gets his answer we’ll learn whether, at 6:35 in the morning when he pressed send, Trump figured he’d fool everyone in sight with a tweet.


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