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Ted Cruz thought he zinged Donald Trump good when he accused him of “New York values.” But one New York value that Trump has mastered is the put-down.

Carter noted how Trump’s spot-on zingers buried Jeb Bush (“low energy”) and burned Cruz (“he’s a nasty guy”).

Now The New York Times reports that Trump’s jibes about Bill Clinton’s bad-boy reputation are hurting Hillary among women voters. Trump called her an “enabler” who led hard-edged attacks on the women in Bill’s “bimbo eruptions.”

Trump’s attacks, the Times said, have led to second thoughts about Clinton’s candidacy among young women and feminists. One said:

“You have to give Trump credit. He’s a genius at poking and prodding his competitors until he finds their soft spots.”

Maybe it’s troubling that the presidential campaign is driven by a man whose greatest talent is hurling personal insults perfectly suited to an iPhone/Twitter age.

It certainly should trouble Democrats who think Trump would be easy to beat in November.


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