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A poll last week seemed to support Karl Rove’s argument that Hillary Clinton is a “fatally flawed” candidate. But the results may say more about how polarized voters are today.

The poll, by the Pew Research Center, said:

“Among voters of all parties with an opinion, Clinton is viewed favorably by 55 percent, the lowest of all major candidates….That includes a positive rating by just 19 percent of Republicans and 53 percent of independents — figures that show the challenges that would await her in a general election where swing voters might be crucial.”

But the poll also showed that Clinton:

“Is viewed favorably by 88 percent of her fellow Democrats, including 38 percent with a very favorable opinion of her — the highest rating of that intensity for any leading candidate. Such support is good news for her effort to win her party’s nomination.”

Here’s what those results really mean: No matter who the two parties nominate for President, Democratic voters will end up hating the Republican nominee and Republican voters will hate the Democratic nominee.

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Hillary’s ratings have already reached that point of polarization, just because she’s well known. If either Edwards or Obama win the nomination, they’ll end up the same way.


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