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Rudy Giuliani has done a little lily gilding of his own, declaring in a campaign appearance he’d “been in the ruins of the World Trade Center Towers as often, if not more than the cleanup workers.”

Unfortunately for the Mayor that wasn’t how the workers remembered it. They complained. And the New York Times did an analysis that showed the Mayor spent twenty-nine hours at Ground Zero in the three months following 9/11 – while “most of the clean-up workers averaged 400 hours.” (News and Observer)

New York City firefighters have already done a video saying Rudy’s record on 9/11 is bunk. Now he’s got the clean-up workers mad at him too. This miscue probably won’t do Giuliani much harm – unless it ends up in Mitt Romney’s next TV ad. But if it does gilding the lily might turn out to be risky. The foundation of Giuliani’s campaign rests on his record on 9/11. Discredit that and his campaign collapses.

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