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So is this the direction North Carolina wants? More restrictions on voting and on women’s health care – and fewer on trash-hauling, landfills and fracking? Less help for people out of work, less health care for the sickest and poorest – and more tax cuts for people on top of the pile?
Most of all, more money for private schools – and the promise of much more to come – and less for teachers, teachers assistants and early childhood?
One veteran observer asked: “How long will it take before these new Republicans get home and discover that a lot of teachers, teacher assistants and school employees, not to mention school board members, are Republicans?”
What will happen in corporate America? “Let’s get on down to North Carolina: They’re cutting taxes and throwing out regulations left and right”?  Or: “Move us and our families to a women-bashing, gay-bashing, minority-suppressing, education-slashing state where people are screaming at each other and getting arrested over it all? No thanks.”
And, above all, more guns everywhere?
Here we go.


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4 comments on “Time for Choosing

  1. Reaganite says:

    If you would bother to look at the polls, Gary, you would find that citizenss strongly support Voter ID (”restrictions on voting” to liberals) and they support the position that the legislature took on abortion. Indeed, citizens strongly support the original abortion bill before the governor watered it down. I have not seen polls on fracking, but common sense tells you that cheap energy is a big kitchen table issue for most voters, except the enviromental extremists. The legislature’s big failure on energy was in not axing the Democrats’ renewable energy mandate. That mandate will raise citizens electric bills to subsidize expensive green energy boondoggles. As to expanding Medicaid, that creates a huge tax burden on taxpayers at both the state and county level in a few years, and any thinking taxpayer would oppose that. Medicaid is already too big a burden on taxpayers.

    On schools, most parents realize that the education offered by government schools is of poor quality and that throwing more money at it does not solve the problem. The polls I have seen show that most parents appreciate a choice in educational providers. The legislature is helping give them that choice.

  2. dap916 says:

    What a totally ridiculous post, Gary. Please tell me how much democrats have done for race relations in North Carolina through the decades and decades and decades they were in power in North Carolina. Please tell us how great North Carolina has ranked in education against other states throughout the years democrats have been in control of North Carolina. Please tell me about crime statistics. Please tell me about energy costs. Please tell me about health care costs…………..throughout the DECADES of democratic control in North Carolina. Please tell me about how many industries have left North Carolina because democrats continued to increase taxes on them here…creating more and more and more job losses.

    It’s one thing to just bash/trash republicans for what they’re trying to do to help get North Carolina back to being a viable state for industry and for offering all of our citizens a chance to succeed if they do, indeed, care to put forth the effort to succeed. But, it’s quite another to try to make it look like what we had in leadership throughout the past 10 decades of democratic rule was something we should continue.

    Gary Pearce, you would never understand the statement that: “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. North Carolina needs to change its failed policies and that’s exactly what the republicans intend to do. Like it or not, Gary, regardless of what you say you did for and with governor Hunt, we don’t live in those times now. There is just no more money to spend and taxpayers cannot afford your excessive and senseless tax & spend ideology.

  3. dap916 says:

    R, liberal democrats don’t care about polling results unless those results favor whatever particular position they like. It’s not something to argue…it’s just a fact. I’m so happy you now post on the Front Page here because we need more conservative voices to thwart the idiocy that Gary Pearce puts here for his low-information readers. He calls them “TAPsters”…and I give him hell for that and for good reason because anyone that is truly a “TAPster” 1)speaks for themselves and 2)doesn’t need Gary Pearce to have to point them out as being members of this blog in the first place. But, hey, whenever I ask Pearce to say who his “TAPsters” are, he never responds leaving me to believe HE is the TAPster and just trying to put out false information….again, another notable liberal/democratic trait.

    But hey, that’s just indicative of our guy Gary here. He’s every bit as disingenuous as any/every democratic “politico” that I’ve ever met. Gotta consider the source when reading his “stuff”.

  4. dap916 says:

    R, if you break all of those issues down, it’s easy to see why the democrats (like our guy Gary here)feel the way they do on them. It’s all about who donates to the dem party and votes…or rather, voters. How many people that vote republican do you think don’t have some form of ID that would be acceptable to vote? And, let’s be honest, the reason there hasn’t been many “incidents” of voter fraud by people who shouldn’t be voting is BECAUSE we don’t have a voter ID requirement and so how could anyone know in the first place? Fracking is not liked by the democratic party because many environmentalists that provide a huge amount of funding for democratic campaigns all around the country are against it and republicans get the lion’s share of contributions from just so many various petroleum interests. The reason dems want Medicaid expansion is really kind of a no-brainer. How many people on Medicaid vote republican? Some, probably, but the vast number vote democratic and so if there are more and more people on Medicaid….well, like I said, it’s a no-brainer. Education in North Carolina has been poor for decades and decades. There are some places it is excellent, but overall, that’s not the case. If you ask any parent that cares about his child’s education if they would choose public over private or “alternative” school for their child, we all know the answer. Home schooled kids and kids in private/alternative schools overall fair far better with their education and do better in college…and more of them go to college in the first place than do the public school kids. Here again, the teacher’s organizations support democrats in a HUGE way, so our democratic politicians and the democratic party is going to continue to push for more money and more money and more money for public schools and the teachers and the administrators and fight against assistance for any other type of education.

    It’s all about votes. Politics has hurt so many things in our society. Not sure what can be done to change it, but I do know that republicans are trying hard to make things better. I’m proud of them for that.

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