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For the fourth consecutive decade, Republicans are “pledging” to cut taxes and cut spending.
Ronald Reagan made the pledge in the 1980s. Newt Gingrich made it in the 1990s. George Bush made it in the 2000s. And now it’s back in the 2010 “Pledge to America.”
Jon Stewart did a masterful job of using the Republicans’ own words from before to mock the pledge – including John Boehner saying basically the same thing he said 10 years ago.
Here’s the problem: Republicans keep only half of their promise. They are good at cutting taxes. But they never cut spending.
Reagan never did. Neither did Gingrich, though he did work out a balanced budget with Erskine Bowles and President Clinton. George W. Bush exploded spending.
The only time we had a real balanced budget, then, was under a Democratic President.
Here’s the real hypocrisy: While promising to cut spending, Republicans are decrying Obamacare’s alleged cuts in Medicaid, cuts they used to support.
Of course, Republicans can’t get away with this if they win in North Carolina. Because we have a balanced budget, they will really have to cut spending.
That will be fun to watch.


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2 comments on “The Same Old Republican Pledge

  1. dap916 says:

    This is the democrat’s main talking point for the upcoming election…”going back to the same old failed policies of the past”. You know what I think? I think that’s absolutely right. I think BOTH republicans and democrats in the most recent past…the past 10 – 15 years….have failed us fiscally. But you know what? I think that’s being realized by the right and the moderates and the independants and in many ways even the liberals. I think that we’ve seen that “business as usual” by BOTH parties of the past with “spend and spend and spend” just ain’t gonna get the job done for America. And, I think the repubs because of the teaparty movement and the huge shift right (especially fiscally) in this country is going to have our nation and our representatives make a major change in their policy and legislation. No more can we compare ourselves to Canada or Europe or any other country in the world. My God, y’all….we’re America…not Europe or Canada or any other country. I HATE it when the Obamaman says “Canada does this”….or “Europe does this”…what a joke. We’re America, not Canada or Europe. I mean, why in the hell would we want to be like any…ANY….country in Europe???? They’re failing big time. They have a HUGE muslim immigration problem. We already have our own version of immigration problems for crying out loud. Europe and just about every other country in the world is broke…in deep debt…tried to go socialistic to help that out but it’s gone bust. God help us if we try that.

    But…Gary & Co. most likely likes much of that kind of philosophy…sorry if I don’t.

  2. Carbine says:

    “The only time we had a real balanced budget, then, was under a Democratic President.”

    You left out “…and a Republican Congress.” Which actually WRITES the budget, you know.

    Gary, it sounds like you’re advocating a Republican take over of both chambers. Keep up the good work!

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