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The ‘Tweet of the Year’ award doesn’t go to Trump or a Hollywood liberal but to Mike Huckabee who, after watching The Darkest Hour, tweeted ‘in Donald Trump we have found our Churchill.’ The Trumpsters set Twitter on fire with cheers and the ‘Trump Haters’ had heart-lock – and politics went crazy again.

Later, the night after Huckabee’s tweet, I had dinner with a doctor, a surgeon, who said he’d given up reading newspapers and watching TV news because he didn’t believe any of them anymore. That vacuum of disbelief may quickly become the most powerful force in American politics.

 Politics isn’t really about Trump-haters and Trump-lovers howling at each other on Twitter: It’s about tides and rivers; after we lost the Vietnam War a river of fear (that we were losing the Cold War) swept across the nation and elected Reagan; last year a river of Populism that hardly a soul saw swept across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan – and elected Trump.

And now that vacuum is creating a river of people who are waiting for a man they can trust to walk onto the stage and, when that happens, the river will do the rest.


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