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The old amateur boxer sure won yesterday’s round.
Of course, the match isn’t over. And Governor Easley has more fights ahead. But he showed yesterday he can slip a punch – and land a few of his own.
If I was a federal prosecutor, I’d think twice about going in the ring with him in front of a jury.
Mark Binker of the Greensboro News & Record and James Romoser of the Winston-Salem Journal asked if I believed Easley didn’t know where his headquarters was or how the coordinated campaign worked.
The last thing you want is the candidate hanging around the headquarters. He should be talking to voters.
And even when I was in campaigns I never understood coordinated campaigns.
But one thing hit me about Easley’s performance.
If he had done that with reporters from the start, could he have avoided this fight?


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2 comments on “The Mike Easley Show

  1. -1 says:

    I propose the reason Poole is not testifying is the Feds do not want him to.He may have been granted immunity.In esscence he cannot testify before the BOE.This hearing is just political theatre.If you believe McQueen Campbell, Easley and his big money supporters were arrogant and thought they could get away with anything.There is just too much here to be dismissed.Campbell was the middleman between the big money donors and the “favors” they needed.Easley knew the flights must be paid for and because of his aversion to fund raising figured …Campbell is rich and he can fly us for free and I will give him a cherry appointment and his big money donors what they want.We can pay him some but not what it would really cost the campaign.Same attitude with home repairs,vehicles,cannonsgate lot,appointments and campaign travel.
    I also think the “big money” donors were giving money to the party to be funneled to Easley’s campaign.Easley hated fundraising and this would keep him from having to do fundraisers and make fundraising calls.If you notice his campaign in 2004 raised $2m less than 2000.The reason I conjecture is the money going to the party that was unlimited by the “big money” donors on behalf of Easley.Almost all of those “big money” donors received favors of one sort or another.Some worth millions.

  2. -1 says:

    Mark Binker???????????????????????
    Does he not work for the liberal network?
    Never know him to report on the shams in Raleigh!
    One of the reason I no longer buy the N@R!

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