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Watching the hearings, you see why Mike Easley was the candidate and the other guys weren’t.
It looked like their lawyers had cowed the other witnesses into being so careful and precise they came off slippery and evasive, even if they weren’t.
Easley, by contrast, is charming, confident and commanding. Too busy with the people’s business to bother with details.
I can’t say how he’s doing legally. That’s above my pay grade. Good lawyers say they’d sit on him to keep him from testifying like this.
But the only other witness who performed well was McQueen Campbell. And he and Easley apparently contradicted each other on the home-repair/flight bill.


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One comment on “Easley on the Stand

  1. -1 says:

    You know as well as I that the BOE is just a bunch of political hacks-most appointed by Easley-it is obvious that Leake is guiding the hearings toward if anything is illegal it was Falmen and Hayden.Not Easley.The Feds are a different story altogether.

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