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Yesterday was a red-letter day for enlightened modernists and a black day for the old-fashioned. Duke University hired its first Muslim chaplain, keeping pace with Princeton and Yale in the Ivy League. Gay couples were flocking to chapels and marrying in droves in California and a scientist in Sweden has discovered gay men’s brains resemble those of straight women.

Let’s start with Duke. You can’t fault Duke for educating its students about Islam. But it could lead to some interesting conversations. Let’s say the Dean of Duke Chapel believes what he’s been teaching from the pulpit each Sunday is the true faith – is he now going to be telling Duke’s newest Divinity School professor, respectfully, that when it comes to religion the followers of Mohammed have it all wrong? After all, the God of the faithful worshipping in Duke Chapel made His views on other gods pretty clear in the First Commandment, so the dean saying, Well, you and I worship different gods but that’s fine, seems out.

Now for the gays and scientists. There’s not much point in proselytizing about gay marriage – almost everyone has an opinion. But why is it so many folks feel a need to demand “gay couples” and “straight couples” be treated exactly the same. Multiculturalists, who pride themselves on tolerating all kinds of differences, turn into avenging Torquemadas in the blink of an eye when a Catholic Bishop – as one did in California – says marriage wasn’t meant for same-sex couples. A multiculturalist who’ll defend a Hindu’s not slaughtering cows to the teeth will turn around in a heartbeat and show no toleration at all for a Christian’s reverence of the sanctity of marriage.

And, lastly, there are the scientists in Sweden who say they have used magnetic resonance imaging to measure left and brain volumes to prove gay men and straight women have the same kind of brains – which is clearly “scam” science. When the Swedes claim they can analyze and measure the female brain they have done something fifty-six years of dealing with women has convinced me is utterly impossible. The female brain is an abiding mystery. It cannot be penetrated. And anyone who claims it can be understood with a machine is obviously delusional.

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