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It may be a sign of the apocalypse that the first real clash in the Democratic presidential race came not over Iraq or universal health care or taxes, but over a multi-million dollar Hollywood producer.

Here’s a quick recap for those of you who were following the Anna Nicole Smith story instead: David Geffen, big-time Hollywood producer and one-time Friend of Bill and Hillary who now supports Barack Obama, is quoted by big-time columnist Maureen Dowd as attacking Bill and Hill big time. Among other things, he called them liars.

The Clinton campaign, ever aggressive, demanded that Obama distance himself from Geffen’s “negative attacks.”

Obama’s campaign fired back that the Clintons never minded Geffen’s negative attacks when Mr. Hollywood was sleeping in the Lincoln Bedroom.

To which Hillary retorted that she wants to stay out of the gutter and run a positive campaign.

Give this round to the Clintons. They tarnished the Obama halo. And they showed once again – as they did to John Edwards over his house and his in-house bloggers – that if you stand in their way you’d better strap on your helmet.

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