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A sixty-eight year old Oxford educated UNC professor gets an offer (from where isn’t clear but it sounds like the Internet may have been involved) to fly to Bolivia to meet Miss Bikini World.
He lands in Bolivia; a middle-aged man meets him at the airport and says that he needs to fly on to Argentina to meet Miss Bikini World in Buenos Aires – then asks him if he’d mind carrying her suitcase she left behind.
When the Professor lands in Buenos Aires another stranger tells him Miss Bikini World’s flown on to Brussels. The Professor spends a day and a half in the Buenos Aires airport waiting for a ticket – then decides to fly home. But before he boards the plane the police open Miss Bikini World’s suitcase – and it’s full of cocaine. Four pounds of cocaine.
The Professor hollers he’s been duped; the Argentinean police throw him in prison then, at his trial, produce emails he sent Miss Bikini World saying, ‘I’m worried about the sniffer dogs,’ ‘I’m looking after your special little suitcase,’ and, ‘In Bolivia this is worth nothing, in Europe it’s worth millions.’
Back in Chapel Hill the Chancellor announces he’s no longer going to pay the Professor’s $107,000 per year salary.
The Professor howls bloody murder.
And here’s the crazy part: Seventy leading academics at the University write an open letter to the Chancellor – condemning him.


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One comment on “The Crazy Part

  1. Carbine says:

    Your last sentence is unclear. Who are the pinheads condemning? Their idiot fellow professor, or the Chancellor?

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