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Want to know what North Carolina’s electorate will look like in another, say, 10 years?
Look at what the public-school population looks like.
The N&O reported recently that, for the first time, minorities make up a majority of the WakeCounty school population.
And note: Hispanic students, now 14.6 percent of the enrollment are “the fastest-growing group in the school system.”
Wait ‘til they start voting. The Republican Party will pay a price for years of immigrant-bashing.


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2 comments on “The Coming Electorate

  1. dap916 says:

    OMG ! Gary, you’re saying that for a political party to be successful in the future, they are going to have to kow-tow to the illegal immigrants and the current “minorities” that are now becoming “majorities” in some school districts today? What is it you’re wanting for these new “majorities” really? What is it that a political party should be doing FOR THESE NEW MAJORITIES so as to be successful? More taxpayer paid subsidies for them? More taxpayer paid entitlements? Less individual requirements? More accomodations of their culture vs. American culture? Less acknowledgement of success in our school system for outstanding effort so as not to make anyone look any more intelligent or to set anyone above anyone else? Just what is it that you truly believe we should be doing so that this new “majority”? Why will the republicans that believe in personal responsibility and personal achievement and personal accomplishment be put down? Is there some reason you can tell us that color or religion or national origin should be considered with regard to personal achievement and such?

    Why is it that the left…you included, Gary…believe that somehow only whites should be achievers and should blend into the American way and accept the American customs and should live within our country’s way of life?

    I am amazed that the left cannot see that to change what we’ve developed here in America that has been sooooo successful in past decades/centuries will forever change our way of life for the worst. No other country…no other governmental system….no other set of customs and heritage for a country has been as successful. Why, oh why, would anyone want to change this?

    It just counters everything our country has been and has become. I see those that want to change our country for the benefit of those that come here to benefit from what our country has to offer as traitors. I went to war because it meant that I was doing something that in the end will mean that we, as a country, stand by our commitment to freedom and liberty. Whether it worked out in Nam or not means squat. It was what I did and what ALL of we vets do to keep our country as it is today…not what the radical liberals want to make this country into…taking away our national pride and taking away our customs and taking away our language and taking away our constitution so as to accomodate those that, in the end, want to change us into something we were never meant to be.

    Sorry for the diatribe. But….it’s THAT important to me that we keep America as it is….and not change it to accomodate some “other” majority that wants to change it.

  2. Carbine says:

    I wonder what makes Gary think that ten, twenty, or thirty years from now minorities will still be content to mind their place on the Democrat plantation?

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