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UNC-Chapel Hill just can’t get out of the academic fraud tar pit. The harder the school struggles, the stickier it gets.
First UNC got a new chancellor. Then a new vice chancellor for communications and public affairs, whose charge is clearly to get the school past this mess. They said all the right things, but nothing seems to work.
They paraded an all-star team of scholar-athletes in front of the media and trustees. But the exercise looked a bit contrived.
Then, yesterday, the employee who blew the whistle met with the chancellor, announced she is resigning and accused the chancellor of “berating” her.
True or not, that didn’t look good – especially on top of the Gene Nichols affair.
Some true-blue Heels will tell you this is all a vendetta by The News & Observer. Some of my fellow Wolfpackers – who haven’t gotten over the N&O’s pursuit of Jim Valvano – are loving it. I’m not. The university is a big part of why North Carolina has long been a progressive state. And the J School is a veritable well that waters the state with aggressive, progressive journalism.
Now, two of those great progressive institutions – the university and the N&O – are at war. Can’t somebody negotiate a truce here?


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4 comments on “Tarred Heels

  1. Anonymous says:

    The progressives are in a real tar pit. It all begins with the liberal idea that everyone is equal. This means equal in all ways. Football and basketball are predominated by black athletes. How did that happens since we are all equal I don’t have a clue. Now we need to knock down all the obstacles to getting into college, like SAT scores, high school grades and the like. Remember we are all equal. Once we get these equal people here we can teach them what they need and they will graduate as smart as anyone here. Remember we are all equal. Along the way something happened. Some of those athletes that are graduating and can’t read. Where the tar pit came into play was someone had the nerve to say ” THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES”. Now someone either has to change the admissions policy, which progressives know we can’t do, or we actually have to teach those reading at a 4th grade level in college how to read at a college level. Remember we are all equal. When liberals lie it makes for strange results. Just wanting something to be a certain way doesn’t mean it will be that way. Progressives cannot reverse the law of gravity, no matter how much they want it to be changed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The most recent SCOTUS ruling is going to have an effect on UNC-CH. It won’t have much when you consider basketball players or any other athletes because, except for very few exceptions that the school loves to present to the public, most student-athletes at Carolina couldn’t pass a 6th grade spelling or English or math test if they had to. But hey…they can sure play ball, so it’s all good. And, yep, there are exceptions. But, few and far between, we all probably know that.

    I am elated at the SCOTUS ruling that somehow just hasn’t gotten in the news. For those that might know what it ruled, it said that schools do not have to use Affirmative Action to select their students and that it was actually racist to do that when a white student was not given a spot to attend school over a black kid even if he/she was more qualified just because of color. It’s a wonderful realization of Martin Luther King’s dream that people should not be judged by the color of their skin. Wonderful, in my view. Progressives and liberals that count on minorities for votes will hate this and ignore it and if they can hide it being law, that’s what’s going to happen.

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