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Even strong Democrats believe the Wake school board flunked this test. The board majority may have done the right thing, but they sure did it the wrong way. And Democrats may pay the price.
It was a mistake to fire Tony Tata without first setting out a bill of particulars. You can’t fire a superintendent, then refuse to say why because “it’s a personnel matter.”
Board members finally began explaining themselves today. That was a day late. They gave the public stage over to their Republican critics yesterday. At the start of the evening news broadcasts, no less.
John Tedesco, Paul Coble & Co. were happy to take the stage.
Tedesco may be the big winner here. He may stir up enough votes in Wake County to get elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Coble now has an excuse not to give the schools more money.
And Tata gets a years’ pay so he can start (some critics theorize) running against Senator Kay Hagan in 2014.
But keep one thing in mind. This board didn’t do what Tedesco’s board did. His crowd forced Tata’s predecessor out immediately. This board gave Tata a chance. But Tedesco and his colleagues are shocked, shocked!
As Bill Clinton would say, it takes brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.
Still, the board botched this. They now get blamed for anything bad that happens in the system. They may pay the price next time they run. And the debacle may hurt Democrats in this election – all the way up the line to President Obama, who carried North Carolina in 2008 with the help of a huge majority in Wake County.
This is not acceptable work. See me after class.


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3 comments on “Taking Out Tata

  1. dap916 says:

    That’s a good post.

    Ain’t politics grand?

  2. clarence swinney says:

    2001—1850 (end of Clinton last Budget 9-30-01)
    2009—3510 (end of Bush last budget 9-30-09)
    2012—3720 (est)
    2013—3800 (budgeted) (end of Obama last budget 9-30-13)

    President Bush
    1850 to 3510= (+90%)

    President Obama
    3510 to 3800= (+8.6%)
    President Obama Exec. Order 13589-”Promoting Efficient Spending”
    has paid off on goal of 8 Billion reduction by end of his term.

  3. Chris says:

    Gary, your facts are wrong. The previous board did not force Del Burns out. He quit all by himself, and it wasn’t one of these arranged “quit or we fire you things” — he surprised everybody, including the board, by announcing his retirement at a public board meeting with no advance notice. That board was really trying to work with him. Why did he quit? Because he loved the assigning-students-for-diversity policy, which the board recognized as a failure and was in the process of dismantling.

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