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Only Trump can turn what should have been a sympathetic call to a fallen soldier’s widow into a week-long (so far), racially charged brouhaha over who said what to who and who can say what to a four-star general. Americans

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When winds howl and waters rise, political careers can soar – or sink. And elections can turn upside down. The fall of George W. Bush began the day in 2005 when he flew over Katrina-ravaged New Orleans, looking distant and

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Another day, another idiotic outburst by Donald Trump, then another lame excuse that he was just kidding. But the Donald has raised an important question: Which American President is to blame for ISIS? It’s George W. Bush. True, Trump is

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South Carolinians love a good war. The Swamp Fox bedeviled the British in the Revolution. The Civil War started in South Carolina. The place has more military bases than most countries. So how is it that South Carolina Republicans may

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