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Here is a bit of speculation – just for the fun of it – with the first round of Republican Presidential primaries around the corner.

Mike Huckabee – Rolls to victory in Iowa, then South Carolina. Which makes him one of the final two Republicans left standing. He will fight it out with either Romney, McCain or Giuliani for the nomination.

Mitt Romney – Loses Iowa. But the big question is does the loss also cost him New Hampshire? If not, he wins New Hampshire then Michigan then rolls into South Carolina where he loses to Huckabee. But the good news is he’s one of the two candidates left standing.

John McCain – Romney loses Iowa so badly he collapses in New Hampshire and McCain wins. He then replaces Romney as the alternative to Huckabee, loses South Carolina, but the good news is he’s in the election for the long run.

Rudy Giuliani – Same scenario as McCain, only he has to win New Hampshire.

Summary: Huckabee buys a ticket to the finals by winning Iowa. Whoever wins New Hampshire becomes the other candidate. After South Carolina, Huckabee rolls through the south, tries to spread his wings (beyond his evangelical base), succeeds some, but not enough. Whoever becomes the alternative to Huckabee wins the nomination.

Dark Horse Scenario: Romney’s attacks on Huckabee in Iowa work. Huckabee collapses. His votes go to Fred Thompson who finishes first or second. Thompson then wins South Carolina and goes on to slug it out with the winner of New Hampshire. Better than ever chance he wins the nomination.

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