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An Old Wise Lobbyist (OWL) gives me a Labor Day break by sharing this:
“Contributors to Rep Edgar Starnes’ campaign should be disgusted and dismayed that he used their contributions to beautify his Raleigh legislative office.
“The Republican House leader used $7,000 of campaign money for furniture and other niceties at the legislative building. He defended his expensive upgrade by saying his constituents deserve to find him in comfortable surroundings when they visit.
“He forgot that his contributors supported him financially to help him and his colleagues win elections, not lounge in luxury. It’s tantamount to misappropriation of funds when he uses dollars entrusted to his campaign to do a Martha Stewart on his office so he has a comfy place to park his rump.
“He’s not the first arrogant legislator to suffer this financial brain spasm. Plenty of others used campaign funds to buy cars, clothes and other fun stuff for themselves with the best kind of money – other people’s money. They forget that their contributors are largely working stiffs who have to pay for things with their own money.
“During the many, many years he was in the minority party, Starnes had a crap office in a dark hallway. No one visited nor cared what he thought.
“But he’s a leader now, and his poor judgment further erodes what’s left of public trust in
legislators. If Starnes is such a poor steward of his campaign funds, can he be trusted with the people’s money? Or the future of the state?”


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3 comments on “Sitting Pretty

  1. Choo says:

    Could not agree more. If I had my way they all would be in a chair with metal desk, the kind you find at the DOT, and I don’t mean the upper ups, but the grunts in the trenches doing the work.

  2. clarence swinney says:

    What a battle! Both are clean. Both are intelligent. Both are articulate. Neither is ruled by extremists in their party.
    Hillary has a lifetime record of working for women and children.
    Jeb must fight off the right wing extremists like Cruz.
    Polls three years in advance are meaningless.

  3. Reaganite says:

    For something done commonly and often for much more questionable purposes, I wonder why this one legislator is singled out by this old lobbyist? Is he trying to get back at Starnes for something? Is he trying to tar him for the competition to be the new Speaker (where he would be a fresh of fresh air compared to the dreadful Skip Stam or the awful Ruth Samuelson)? I do hope Starnes figures out who he is and gives him and his clients some real payback.

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