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That’s Latin for “Thus passes the glory of the world” – or, “Worldly things are fleeting.”

But they’re not fleeting on roads and highways around the Triangle. There are just too many damn cars on the road. So Wake County is voting on a 10-year Wake Transit Plan that will:

  • Triple bus service
  • Start a frequent “Bus Rapid Transit” network in high-traffic areas, and
  • Provide passenger train service from Garner to Durham, with stops in Raleigh, NCSU, Cary, Morrisville and RTP.

You can find out more here. When you vote, you need to look for the referendum on the ballot. It’s easy to miss. And the wording on the ballot gives you no clue about how important the issue is.

The measure has broad, bipartisan support, including from Republicans like John Kane of North Hills. Here’s the main reason I like it: It reflects the vision of energetic Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson, who was the driving force behind the Wake County Greenway.

More greenways. Less traffic. Sounds like a great place to live.

Naturally, some Republicans have a kneejerk reaction against public transit. It’s like climate change; they just don’t believe in it.

They frame it as a tax increase. But I’ll gladly pay an extra half-cent sales tax to stop the Triangle from choking on growth and traffic.

I might take that train myself. Will it have a bar car?


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