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The shutdown showdown shows how much worse politics is today than in the 1990s. And it was bad then.
Back then, Newt Gingrich shut down the government because…well, nobody can remember why. Except he was mad that President Clinton made him sit in the back of Air Force One. And Newt wanted to show that he was the most powerful man in the world.
Well, Bill showed Newt a thing or two about politics. The Republicans backed down. Poor Bob Dole’s campaign for President never recovered. Clinton built a bridge to tomorrow and met Monica, and the rest is history.
But politics is worse today. And a long shutdown is more likely because the same consequences as last time are unlikely.
None of the Republican red-hots are afraid of losing their congressional seats, because they picked their voters. Their crowd will cheer when the government shuts down. Until the voters realize government does some things they like.
There’s no presidential election next year, like there was in 1995. This time, in fact, wanna-be’s like Ted Cruz think a shutdown is their ticket to the GOP nomination.
Also different: for all his strengths, President Obama is no Bill Clinton when it comes to hardball, insider politics.
Obama should just stand his ground. After all, Republicans already lost the Obamacare war. Congress passed it, the Supreme Court upheld it, Mitt Romney ran against it, and Obama won again. Tuesday, health care reform begins. In a couple of years, everybody will wonder what all the fuss was about.
And American politics will still look like trench warfare from World War I a century ago.


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One comment on “Shutdown Politics

  1. Reaganite says:

    As usual, you only tell half the story.

    Let’s start with the 1995 shutdown over government overspending. That broke down because spineless Bob Dole unilaterally caved in, without even telling Gingrich he was going to do it. After Clinton was out of office, one of his top aides revealed that Clinton was on the verge of caving in himself, when Bob Dole out of the blue saved his bacon by caving first. Bob Dole, who should be reviled by all conservatives, snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. He was a coward and a fool, and the GOP paid the price. It’s too bad he could not have found a form of Viagra which worked on backbones.

    As to whether Obama is like Clinton on standing his ground, you might want to ask Vladimir Putin about that one! Mention Syria.

    The American middle class does not need to lose the Obamacare war. Polls have consistently shown the American people do not want in. As October 1 looms, and many middle class voters are finding out first hand that Obamacare will mean they will be paying more but getting less in healthcare, those numbers are likely to rise. Even the exit polls for those who voted in 2012 showed that the same voters who elected Obama, favored repealing Obamacare by a 49-44 margin. Republicans were unable to capitalize on that issue in 2012 because the GOP establishment, aided by Big Media, foisted a nominee upon the party who was unable to exploit the issue due to his own history with Romneycare.

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