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Phil Berger can take away Roy Cooper’s powers. But he can’t take away his microphone. And he can’t match the Governor on TV.

Democrats will happily take the contrast every day through the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Last night, the Governor was smiling, positive and optimistic. The unshaven Senate boss was dark, negative and partisan.

Cooper talked about promise, cooperation and common ground. Berger talked about liberals, the left and the cursed media.

Cooper focused on the future – and what North Carolina can do. Berger boasted about the past – and what he claimed Republicans had done.

Really? How many North Carolinians believe their taxes have been cut? How many teachers believe his claims about pay?

Cooper was smart to tackle HB2 early. He talked about jobs lost. He didn’t mention that Pat McCrory can’t get a job because of HB2.

McCrory says people think he’s a “bigot.” Exactly, Pat. Because of HB2, they think North Carolina is full of bigots.

And Berger’s defense flops.

If Republicans have the votes to strip the Governor’s powers, they have the votes to repeal HB2.

Let’s make Roy vs Phil a regular thing.


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